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5 Reasons you should listen to Kpop

K-pop? What is that, you may ask?
Let me introduce you to a whole new world that you never knew existed and why you should be a part of it, along with the rest of us crazy beings.
K-pop is an abbreviation for Korean pop. No, before you quit reading this already, it’s not just pop. Kpop includes a whole galore full of different genres of music, which brings me to the first reason why you should listen to kpop:

1. The Variety

Hip-hop, Dance, EDM, Dancehall, you name it, but for convenience, us kpoppers refer to them all as Kpop. You just need to pick a genre that suits your taste, and you’ll be hooked. Kpop is taking the world by storm, why don’t you join us along with everyone else and find out what all the buzz is about? We’ll help you get started! Listen to this amazing song by world-renowned boy group, BIGBANG.
Their music video for Fantastic Baby has over 277 million views at the moment. Watch it here:

2. The Artistic Flair

Hands down, Kpop music videos are one of the most creative and original works of art that you will come across. From beautiful kaleidoscopic backgrounds, intense story lines and scenery, to out-of-this-world hairstyles and costumes, they have it all. Check out “I got a boy” by Girls Generation for a classic example of this.

3. The Extraordinary Choreography

You’ve never seen anything like it before. Perfectly in sync, they will dance to another level of perfection, all the way into your heart. The highlight of almost every Kpop music video is their signature dance moves, which they make look effortless and overall just flawless, really. I’m not kidding. Check out BTS’s music video for “Fire”

4. The Music
It’s wild. It’s wacky. And it’s catchy. You will not be able to get it out of your head the moment you start listening to it. Isn’t that what music is all about? Taking you into another world where you can just get lost and enjoy those few minutes of euphoria. Give it a listen, why don’t you, you will not regret it. Check out “Playing with Fire” by Blackpink. Released only a few months ago, their music video already has over 80 million views. You might want to check it out too!

5. The Aesthetics
Kpop visuals are seriously no joke. And no, I’m not just talking about the gorgeous kpop stars. I’m talking about everything, the lighting, the angles, the photo shoots. The amount of effort and time put into every single project is something we can all appreciate. The end result: Insanely creative, beautiful music videos that you can’t help but enjoy, you really can’t help it. If you’re prepared to have your mind blown, check out “Monster” by EXO. You’ll thank me later.

Lastly, I’m sure that you’re probably still asking yourself why you should listen to it when you probably won’t even understand it.
I’m sure you’ve heard of Gangnam style, right? Did you know that was kpop? And the language barrier didn’t bother you, you danced crazily along to it anyway, pretending you were on some wild horse. (We’ve all been there, it’s okay) The point is, you enjoyed it. Music is a universal language, and you won’t even mind the language barrier once you start appreciating everything else Kpop has to offer. So hop on board the Kpop train while we take you on an unforgettable journey through the world of beautiful music. You won’t look back.



Family + Sanity = Kinsanity! We are your not-so-average bunch of South Africans with a strong love for Kpop, anime and gaming, and getting it out there for you to enjoy with us. So why don't you join in on the fun and laughter and get sucked into a whole new world you never even knew existed? We can promise; it'll be worth it!

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