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Wings of the Caterpillars – Chapter 1

“Ouch!” Min Yoongi exclaimed as he tripped over a box lying in the middle of his new apartment. He had just gotten fired working as a pianist at one of the most exquisite restaurants in all of Nabia.

The manager had complained that customers were randomly falling asleep as soon as his fingers touched the keys of the piano and a simple melody was played. This did not surprise Yoongi – he had actually noticed this for a while. Each time he attempted playing something on a piano, all those around him would very mysteriously – and suddenly, fall into a deep sleep. It was starting to bother him, after all, people weren’t falling asleep from boredom; it was something much more strange, but he could not figure it out.

Suddenly, a tiny object appeared at his side. It was a miniature brown piano, small enough to fit into the palm of his hand, but big enough for him to touch each key without trouble.  All the keys were there, and a bright and dazzling white light would emerge every time he touched a key to play a note. Suddenly, the building was filled with a tremendous silence. Placing the strange piano in his pocket, he opened the door to investigate the cause and found his neighbour lying peacefully asleep on the corridor floor. And as he walked around the building, he noticed the strangest thing – everyone was asleep. The maintenance guy was drooling on his toolbox at the beginning of the stairway, the ahjumma from the top floor was asleep with her groceries still in hand at the entrance, and the girl from the pharmacy next to his building was asleep on the counter. Could it be the piano? Did something happen to people around him every time he played the piano? Yoongi ran around frantically trying to figure out what was happening until he bumped into a bear mascot.

“Hey! Come eat at Clucky’s Chicken, we have a special –” but Yoongi cut the bear off right in the middle of his sentence.

“Watch where you’re walking!” he yelled at the bear.

“Take a flyer, our chickens are really fat – ”

“I don’t want your fat chicken!” Yoongi exclaimed, hurriedly trying to get away from this strange person. He wondered why a bear mascot was trying to sell him chicken anyway.

“Wait! Is that a Kumamon shirt you’re wearing?!” the bear suddenly screamed. Yoongi took a few steps back.

“What about it?” he asked suspiciously, eyeing the bear up and down. Whoever this person was, had cut out the feet of the bear costume to reveal Timberlands. Yoongi snickered, shaking his head.

“There’s a fan-con just a few blocks from here. Care to join me?” the bear asked.

“Why?” Yoongi asked bluntly.

“Well. Kumamon…there…There’s always cool stuff there. Let’s go, c’mon” and before Yoongi knew it, he was in a giant hall packed with crazed out fans of anything and everything.

The hall suddenly became quiet and all eyes were on Yoongi and the strange bear wearing Timberlands. It didn’t help matters when the Kumamon mascot showed himself and Yoongi abandoned all his composure and rushed towards him – flinging his arms around the mascot’s neck and holding him in a tight embrace.

“I love you! Really!” he squealed in delight until he noticed that every single pair of eyes were on him, staring.

Yoongi abruptly let go of the mascot and cleared his throat.

“Nothing to see here. Carry on, carry on,” he said. The bear grabbed Yoongi by the arm. “You’re embarrassing us,” he muttered, dragging Yoongi away from the scene.

“What’s your name anyway?” Yoongi asked.

“Jungkook. Jeon Jungkook,” the bear answered.

“You mean THE Jeon Jungkook? JEON JUNGKOOK THE SON OF CEO – ” but Jungkook had his furry hand over Yoongi’s mouth almost immediately and hurriedly dragged him towards the bathrooms, the bear costume weighing him down.

“Ai, you dropped your butt over there,” Yoongi announced, matter-of-factly. Jungkook whirled around, only to find the pompom that was attached to his behind was lying a few feet away. Jungkook lowered his head and sighed.

“I’ll go back for it in a minute. Could you keep it down?!” Jungkook asked. He lifted his headpiece up a little to reveal his face, and Yoongi’s excitement only increased. He was about to scream again when Jungkook, once again, placed his hand over Yoongi’s mouth. “I’m here because I heard that somebody might get kidnapped here. It’s important. There’s a really high profile singer present. Do you know IU?” Jungkook’s tone was serious.


“Okay it doesn’t matter. What matters is that in a few minutes – ”


A loud noise interrupted their conversation and echoed throughout the entire hall. One of the stage lights had fallen and crashed on the floor. People began screaming hysterically and running towards the exits, but Yoongi and Jungkook’s reflexes had kicked in – they rushed towards the stage area where they saw, just as Jungkook had predicted, a girl being dragged away by a group of masked men. “Save me!” she was screaming, but the men were armed and no one dared to approach them. Jungkook hurried towards her, and was nearly at the top of the stage when suddenly his bear suit got stuck in the trap door and he couldn’t move.

Yoongi knew he had to do something. ‘Could it be possible…?’ Yoongi was thinking. He pulled the mini piano out of his pocket and looked at it. ‘Can I really put everyone to sleep with this?’

The armed men had reached the exit door and the girl was almost out.

“Let’s try it, I guess,” Yoongi said, hitting a few notes on the piano.

In an instant, every single person in the hall had fallen to the floor in a deep sleep, including Jungkook.


Written by CandyandCoco56  


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How well do you know your K-pop?

Think you know your K-pop music videos well? Let’s test your knowledge! We’ve designed the perfect quiz for you.

Take the quiz here!

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5 Reasons you should listen to Kpop

K-pop? What is that, you may ask?
Let me introduce you to a whole new world that you never knew existed and why you should be a part of it, along with the rest of us crazy beings.
K-pop is an abbreviation for Korean pop. No, before you quit reading this already, it’s not just pop. Kpop includes a whole galore full of different genres of music, which brings me to the first reason why you should listen to kpop:

1. The Variety

Hip-hop, Dance, EDM, Dancehall, you name it, but for convenience, us kpoppers refer to them all as Kpop. You just need to pick a genre that suits your taste, and you’ll be hooked. Kpop is taking the world by storm, why don’t you join us along with everyone else and find out what all the buzz is about? We’ll help you get started! Listen to this amazing song by world-renowned boy group, BIGBANG.
Their music video for Fantastic Baby has over 277 million views at the moment. Watch it here:

2. The Artistic Flair

Hands down, Kpop music videos are one of the most creative and original works of art that you will come across. From beautiful kaleidoscopic backgrounds, intense story lines and scenery, to out-of-this-world hairstyles and costumes, they have it all. Check out “I got a boy” by Girls Generation for a classic example of this.

3. The Extraordinary Choreography

You’ve never seen anything like it before. Perfectly in sync, they will dance to another level of perfection, all the way into your heart. The highlight of almost every Kpop music video is their signature dance moves, which they make look effortless and overall just flawless, really. I’m not kidding. Check out BTS’s music video for “Fire”

4. The Music
It’s wild. It’s wacky. And it’s catchy. You will not be able to get it out of your head the moment you start listening to it. Isn’t that what music is all about? Taking you into another world where you can just get lost and enjoy those few minutes of euphoria. Give it a listen, why don’t you, you will not regret it. Check out “Playing with Fire” by Blackpink. Released only a few months ago, their music video already has over 80 million views. You might want to check it out too!

5. The Aesthetics
Kpop visuals are seriously no joke. And no, I’m not just talking about the gorgeous kpop stars. I’m talking about everything, the lighting, the angles, the photo shoots. The amount of effort and time put into every single project is something we can all appreciate. The end result: Insanely creative, beautiful music videos that you can’t help but enjoy, you really can’t help it. If you’re prepared to have your mind blown, check out “Monster” by EXO. You’ll thank me later.

Lastly, I’m sure that you’re probably still asking yourself why you should listen to it when you probably won’t even understand it.
I’m sure you’ve heard of Gangnam style, right? Did you know that was kpop? And the language barrier didn’t bother you, you danced crazily along to it anyway, pretending you were on some wild horse. (We’ve all been there, it’s okay) The point is, you enjoyed it. Music is a universal language, and you won’t even mind the language barrier once you start appreciating everything else Kpop has to offer. So hop on board the Kpop train while we take you on an unforgettable journey through the world of beautiful music. You won’t look back.